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AMINO GFS 200 200caps VitoBest

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AMINO GFS от VitoBest

GFS Aminos Grow Factor System: Patented formula with essential aminoacids with genetic map absorption

The supplement for elite athletes! 

Vitobest amino GFS is a supplement that provides the most perfect patterned aminoacids for the protein synthesis. 

The aminoacids contained in GFS Amines have higher nutritional value compared to any other dietary protein or aminoacid formula. GFS Aminos is absorbed in just 23 minutes, the absorption is therefore 100% in the first 100 cm. of the small intestine, while other sources of protein require 3-5 hours of digestion. 

* Increases and improves muscle strength. 

* Accelerates the body protein synthesis 

* Promotes muscle recovery after physical activity. 

* Increases muscle mass. 

* Improves the overall performance of the athlete. 

* Improves the recovery from surgery or trauma invoices faster 

The only real substitute for existing food proteins is GFS Aminos. 

The remaining aminoacids or protein preparations can only be used as a protein supplement. The NNU (net protein utilization) of the product is 99%, unprecedented in the field of aminoacid supplements. NNU This means that 99% of its component aminoacids are used as precursors for the protein synthesis. Compared with the egg NNU [48%] and soy, casein and whey protein have NNU [16%]. 

Aminos GFS has 27 international patents. 44 clinical studies published in PUBMED and international medical journals. An aminoacid supplement that has been one of the greatest advances in medical biochemistry of the twentieth century. 


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